Friday, May 20, 2011


              What can say about a man that was meant to die for other?
A martyr who saw others as just the same.
              Do you have the courage, and integrity to the same?
A man who did it for others to do the same.

Writers Block

Is it natural to have the access to write, but it sucks when you have writers block.


When the world ends, I will say YES,
When the earth burns, I will say YES,
When I fly to my new home, I will say YES,
When I come back for this new world, a perfect
world, of peace, and tranquility,
I will say YES.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I am

I am a myth and legend,
I wonder if anyone sees who I really am,
I hear nothing but a cricket,
I see a black hole,
I am a myth and legend.

I pretend to have others around me,
I feel I always do,
I touch no one who crosses my path,
I worry that no one has seen me,
I cry out to everyone to hear me,
I am a myth and legend.

I understand that maybe one day I’ll be seen,
I say that it to insure myself,
I dream that I will do everything I want,
I hope they see it when I’m gone,
I am a myth and legend.

Summer Haiku

The sun shall not smite
Me by day nor the moon by
Night preserve in me.

Winter Haiku

This is my comfort
In my affliction, for thy
Word has quickened me.

Friday, April 22, 2011


The vive that was there when it happened before was back and now I gave them something more and this time it was more than I expected. It was all over the news, local and national. I had never got this much attention before, but I really liking it. The most popular words that spun the world now were, ‘why is he the only one.’
People wouldn’t leave me alone, news reporters, journalists, people I had never met before, and a guy who actually came up to me shook my hand and shot me in the chest. He thought he had killed me when I hit the ground, but when I got up, he shot himself in the head. I held that bullet for a moment and then crushed it. Now it wasn’t hard to do much of anything. My abilities shocked the world and I was the top of the news until they heard news of another, and all at once I didn’t have anyone to bother me. I was dust in the wind, after there were rumors of another in Germany.
Even though everyone left me, I had one true friend, Alan. He stayed with me and for the next few weeks he helped me with my abilities and soon after I figured out how to fly.


Falling from above,
Could you see the lights,
Circular sights falling,
Can you see them.

Falling from above,
They come down,
Firing blue lazers,
Can you see them.

Falling from above,
Not many will live,
Not many will see,
Can you see them.

Falling from above,
They come in force,
They come in might,
Can you see them.

Falling from above,
They see them out there,
They came after them,
Now they see us.

Rising from above,
They didn't expect,
A rise in numbers,
Now they fall from the sky.

secret box

I found the box, in that secret place, where I went to find it even you want me to find. I found it in the one place you thought i would never look to find it, but i found a better place for it. if you look up you might find it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Freedom Unappreciated

I was told today, that the military, to be specifac I was told that the Marines were murderers and thieves of the lives of people who really then and now wanted and want to kills us. To a certain extent they are, but without a military a country can not survive.Throughout history it can tell that the Marines were there to protect those who needed their help and security, from the time they were established in November 1775, many battles and wars have been fought to protect. The Revolutionary War, War of 1812, The Boxer Rebellion in China, at Tripoli, Montezuma, both World Wars, Korea, Japan, and the Middle East.


Out of the sky, were the birds fly high. Down across the vast hills, to see everything come to life. You can see the Spring in everything that has, is, and will come.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shoe Box Murder

The day was bright with dark expectations, the greenhouse was filled with warm light filtering from the panels above, but a the lion followed his prey with great skill. the man of importance, a man made for protection, not destruction. Officer Russell, with his black and gold uniform followed the man with his dark temptation.With all that he had for destruction he toosed a golf ball he picked out of the garden. With a great swing of his arm he threw the ball into the man's temple knocking him to the ground, sliding anstopping on the inner wall.With the man's lifeless body he drew his with his leather gloves on and shot him through the forehead, finishing what was left in him.
he walked away from his body, whipped the gun down, placed the gun in the left hand pointed towards his head. Since he was a left handed man, he put his lifeless finger on the trigger. He walked over to where the ball was and picked it off the ground, he finally shoved it into a giant flytraps stem.


                                                When we have all that we need,
                                                Why don't we see that what we have,
                                                 Is enough.
Our lives see all that we can see,
Our lives hear all that we can hear,
Our lives though can't touch everyone or everything.
                                                 So we die not knowing what we have,
                                                 But some will live forever,
                                                 For they have the lasting Wisdom.

Guide to life:

  • learn from those around you
  • look up to those you admire
  • find those around you that relate to you
  • do what you think is right
  • find that one that you will stay with for the rest of your life
  • show others what you find is the right thing
  • find others a way that they will admire you
  • die with the wisdom of understanding and vice versa
and Shrimpy commented: DON'T BE A MARINE

Section of Short Story

“Run!” Tony Exclaimed. We started to run next to the eastern wall of the building. He stopped. “Hey I’ll take care of these guys, you go get the boy.”
            He took of putting a small barrier of ice about six feet tall between us and the building. I ignited, flames started at my fingertips, up to my shoulders, covering my head, and down into the rest of my body.  For a second I watched Tony keep them away; I turned away and went towards the building.
            From the outside of the building the roof was a glow, I’m guessing from the boy as they were testing him. Screams could be heard from the inside of the wall. I took my ears off the screaming boy and went to business, I ignited a ball of flames in both hands, shot it towards the steel wall, as it hit, the wall immediately started to melt away. Pushing through the wall I could hear screaming coming from the boy and yelling coming from the scientist inside. Once I could see through, a man with a fire extinguisher started to spray my hands and chest. I put my hands down, “you missed something.” I raised my foot up and kicked through the wall, shoving molten steel into the scientist and force freezing him into the floor. “Now what?!”
            I scraped of the fluid and melted the excess of onto the floor, where it burned on the floor below me. I turned and saw a boy no older than my self staring at me. His hair and features drooping from the experiments preformed on him. “Protect the experiment,” all kept screaming. The rest who were scrambling out of the room kept calling for the police.
            Six men ran to up to me at about ten feet. They stopped and with their machine guns pointed at me, I just laughed. They continued to point and shake their guns at me as the crept closer to me. I pointed my hand towards them, I ignited a ball of fire in my hand and sprayed it at the tips of their carbon steel gun barrels, making them liquefy and drop to the ground, they stared for  a moment, the dropped their weapons and ran.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Vanitas Still LIfe

                  There were once two men that sat in this room, one that sat at the desk and one who sat in his chair by the hearth. The man at the desk sat writing his novels and the man who sat at the hearth, read his novels and drank his scotch. One night the man who sat at the hearth and read his novels and drank his scotch was poisoned. The man that who sat at his desk writing his novels, laughed as he stumbled around the room. The man who sat at the hearth and read his novels and drank his scotch that had been poisoned, came over to the man who had poisoned him. As the man who wrote the novels laughed, the poisoned man struck him over the head with the 1868 bottle of scotch, in the very same moment the man who had poiusoned him took his quill and shoved it into his neck. The man who had been poisoned took his hand to his neck as the poison had started to rot his hand off, pulled out the quill and bled out were he stood.As he hit the floor he rooted away in to dust. The man who had been hit over the head with the bottle had passed out never to return conscious anhd would die beside his brother to have his bones lay as they rest. 

Sweet and Salty

He Needs Help

            In the blink of an eye he had been swept away by a ghost in the night. Covered by fog, taken by the dark, and protected by the shadows. he stood watching the storm push through, he heard a scream. The wave met the building, with unbearable force, taking the the lives of many.
                                     He suddenly up as he was hit.
                                                                         He had he was dreaming of he would have wanted.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Interior Monologue Vignette #5

What is she talking? Why can't she just let us out? She knows we aren't listening to her. Why don't I just walk to her desk flip it and walk out of the room they can't do anything to me, and they know it; though she wouln't know what to do. No that's to rash, maybe i'll just change the subject or i'll just take a ball of flames and turn her into Hades.No then everyone will know my identity. Maybe I will sit in on this lexure, fall asleep, or maybe i'll just walk out. That's what i'll do, i'll get up and walk out of the door.

Bite Marks

For the last two weeks i have dreamed the same object, but it has always been totally different events. My dreams consist of a black and green Copperhead. It follows me around, then bites me in the same place and has woke me up everytime. After I would go back to sleep, the snake will follow me no matter where I would go. It seems I have as enemy Im not aware of yet.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Vignette #4

The last time he walked into his stepmothers house, she had eight kittens; dressed as a taco, a banana, a big ball of hair, a flower, a book, one in an acdc shrit, and a cup. The other one was so ashamed as its self that it stayed in its den.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Wlid Side

Mrs. O has Wild Side written on the board, but I have writers' block; why should anyone have writers block? It's pointless, it gets you no where. You sit and try to come up with anything, even as random as this, yet nothing will come from your mind. Now that I have written this it seems that I can't say that I have writers' block. I guess that's the Wild Side of writing, writers block.

Never Do I Say Never

Run down the road,
Never to come back,
Say Never, Never.

Walk down the tracks,
Will they ever see their steps,
Say Never, Never.

When they look back do they want to see it,
Do they want to go forward,
Never do I say never.

One day they will run once again,
They come one by one,
Say Never, Never.

Never do I say never, never,
When will they see what I see infront of me,
When never becomes Always?

This is the road they'll travel on.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chapter 16 Intuition part 1

          Not many have seen what I have seen in the past two years. My days since this has happened have been too hard for many to take. Now on the day that I have found exactly what I was made for, my family doesn't want me to fulfill my lifes piotential.